Kids' Clubs

The FLD team does Kids Clubs in three orchard workers' communities every week.  The workers who take care of the orange trees live at the orchard in cement block housing, one room per family.  Our team goes to minister to the children of these workers.  All of the workers are from Burma; some have lived in Thailand a few months, others up to five years.  They do not have Thai citizenship and therefore lack rights and opportunities.  

Kids' Clubs include teaching both physical and spiritual topics, fun and games. The children learn about health, disease prevention, hygiene, and about God. Thai is not their first language and their parents don't speak or read Thai, but the kids go to Thai school, so a main focus is helping the children with their schoolwork.  

Saturday Kids' Club is at a second orange grove with about 25 Shan children each week. 

At each location, the kids receive practical help and hear about God's love for them.


  March 2020