Leader: Jom Mangmi

 FLD has a vision to reach the unreached, to start cell groups or house churches where needed, and to encourage and equip local churches where they exist.

The FLD team currently partners closely with the Shan church started in 2010 by FLD team leader Jom and his friend Pastor Tee.  Shan people are primarily from Burma (Myanmar), where they have faced persecution and poverty. Many have moved into Thailand, some after being forced from their homes. Pastor Tee and Jom grew up together at a Christian children's home for Shan kids, and in 2010 they started this church together. The church has faced persecution from Buddhists neighbors in the community where they started, and has moved locations a few times. 

On October 28, 2014, when Pastor Tee was on his way to meet the FLD team to go to a cell group, a dog ran in front of his motorbike. He was severely injured, transported to a Chiang Mai hospital, and underwent brain surgery. His recovery continues today. His speech is impaired, but he continues to preach. His physical abilities are hindered, but he continues to be strong spiritually.  FLD works with the church in various ways and provides some financial support to help pay rent for the church. Jom serves the church as part of his service with FLD.

We also have offered training and encouragement for local pastors and believers, especially visiting those who are isolated in communities without churches.

FLD team members preach, lead worship, teach Bible studies, and participate in outreaches with local churches.


  March 2020